Town of Macedon 32 Main St., Macedon NY 14502 Ph. 315-986-5932

Town Board

Pagano, SandySupervisor315-986-5932 x104macsuper@macedontown.net2019-12-31
(Town Board)Town 
Babcock, BruceCouncilman315-690-25992017-12-31
Kenyon, PaulCouncilman315-986-36962019-12-31
Maul, DavidCouncilman585-704-19402019-12-31
McEwen, DavidCouncilman315-597-42512017-12-31

Other Elected Officials

Bowers, KarrieTown Clerk986-5932 x102townclerk@macedontown.net2019-12-31
Countryman, ChrisHighway Superintendent986-7852townofmacedon@yahoo.com2019-12-31
Crowley, TomTown Justice986-5932 x2082017-12-31
Maul, LorieTax Collector986-5932 x1062019-12-31
Reinstein, RonaldTown Justice986-5932 x2082019-12-31

Employees and Appointees

Deputy Highway Sup't. 
Airy, SuzannePlanning Board Member986-37322021-12-31
Allen, P. DouglasPlanning Board Chair986-77302020-12-31
Allen, ScottBuilding Inspector986-5932 
Allen, Scott (P.E.)Engineer986-5932 
Anderson, JohnHighway Employee 
Baker, MarkHighway Employee 
Bartels, MertonPlanning Board Vice Chair986-79462017-12-31
Bellefontaine, AndreHighway Employee 
Braman, DavidHighway Employee 
Bueg, MichaelHighway Employee 
Bush, JimTown Crier 
Bush, SusanBuilding & Zoning Clerk986-5932 
Camblin, WilliamHighway Employee 
Colella, JohnPolice 
Corbett, MartinPolice Officer (PT) 
Datthyn, PaulaAssessor Clerk986-5932 
Datthyn, SusanAssessor986-5932 x114assessor@macedontown.net2019-09-30
DePauw, SandyAccounting 
Dresser, JeremiahPolice Officer (FT) 
Eligh, CarlZoning Board of Appeals Member986-57812017-12-31
Ellis, JamesHighway Employee 
Everdyke, D. PaulHighway Employee 
Flick, SharleenReceptionist986-5932 
Frey, BrianZoning Board of Appeals Member2019-12-31
Friedl, ElisaHighway 
Goodfriend, BrigettPolice Officer (FT) 
Gorman, SusanCourt Clerk 
Haines, ScottPolice Officer (PT) 
Hall, RonPolice Officer (PT) 
Hall, RonZoning Officer986-5932 x115 
Hamell, JuneHistorian986-5932 
Harkness, PaulAmbulance/EMS 
Higgins, MichellePolice Property 
Jeffries, WarrenZoning Board of Appeals Chair2021-12-31
Jones, KenonAssessment Review Board Member2020-09-30
Klein, NormanPolice Officer (PT) 
LaBrake, BarbDeputy Town Clerk986-5932 x 
Littlefield, ThomasAssessment Review Board Chair2017-09-30
MacFall, DavidPolice Officer (PT) 
MacNeal, StevePolice Officer (FT) 
McEwen, MarkPlanning Board Member986-58992023-12-31
Mitchell, JohnPolice Officer (PT) 
Morrison, TomPlanning Board Member597-52232022-12-31
Netchke, BradleyPolice Officer (PT) 
Norsen, JeremyRecreation Director986-5932 
Oaks, JudyCourt Clerk986-5932 x208 
Payne, DavidHighway Employee 
Pittinaro, PatrickAssessment Review Board Member2021-09-30
Plyter, MarkDog Control Officer585-721-2635 
Prince, DavidPolice 
Quigley, DarylHighway Employee 
Ramos, HarryAssessment Review Board Member2019-09-30
Reid, JohnAssessment Review Board Member2018-09-30
Ritchie, BrianPolice Officer (PT) 
Rooney, KevinPlanning Board Member986-75082018-12-31
Rosati, TonyZoning Board of Appeals Member315-502-40312020-12-31
Santovito, RonZoning Board of Appeals Member597-69572018-12-31
Shirtz, ThomasHighway Employee 
Shufelt, JeremiahFire Marshal986-5932 
Whitney, GregPlanning Board Member986-76902019-12-31
Wright, GaryHighway Employee